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Mother and Son


Top knot and cold coffee

When your cup is not full its hard to be your best self. Sometimes just being is all we can do. And you are not alone.

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Mother Playing with Baby
Mother and Son
Mother Doing Yoga with Baby
Jogging in Park
Cooking Lesson
Happy Family

By Natasha Bruce a co author of the momBabes A motherhood Anthology.

Welcome to my page! Please click on the Shop button to order yourself a copy of 20 brave women's stories of motherhood. A story from my heart and soul.

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On the eve of Pre-sale for the third #Mombabes Volume 3, I am happy to announce we have come together and written another phenomenal...

Take the Vacation!!!!

We waited four long years to go back to Disneyland. We had copious airmiles and wrinkled Disney shirts that barely fit any of us length...

Real MOM

Back to school, back to sports, back to whatever running at full speed. Ok a slow jog, Slow walk, lets be honest. The schedule is back on...


I used to be a very planned and organized person. Not my bedroom or my clothes, still today and I'm cool with that. But I hated being...


I woke up today and did the usual, had my am coffee scrolled through emails, deleted, went on the social and I saw a super real post...

"you do you"!

I've said those three words to people, mainly my mom friends ..eek....and meant it to be helpful. For example a friend complaining that...

A year ago today

"A year ago today"....came up on my pictures on my phone today. Happy April Fools to me! I had no energy to play April Fools pranks on...

Not right now laundry

Been up since 430 am like a lot of mamas. My daughter never wets the bed but she did because she drank a lot of water right before bed...

Take the Break

Monday is here but its different because it's Spring Break. No drop off to school, no left backpacks and fights over who will empty the...

An ode to the mombabes

I had many stories, many truths. I just didn't know which one to tell. And where do you begin? As a mom you become second, possibly...

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