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An ode to the mombabes

I had many stories, many truths. I just didn't know which one to tell. And where do you begin? As a mom you become second, possibly third, or even fourth depending on members and pets in your family. Then Covid Hit and like many we just braced for anything that withstood the storm of the unknown. Some of us rallied together, some us embraced homeschooling, some of us broke down. Survival of the fittest right?

Moms are always running on empty; Physically, we don't know when we last washed our hair or even our bodies for that matter. Maybe we drink cold coffee all day? I recently put a bag of sliced deli ham in a drawer because I was grabbing kid scissors from the drawer to let my 4 year old snip the trees so I could have a few sips of hot coffee while she destroyed our front bushes. That $8 bag of ham I had to throw out was worth it. |She played happily and I drank hot coffee in the sun.

Mentally the mom load is the size of the Snow Piercer (If you have Netlfix and get to chill, I highly recommend) and it keeps travelling around and around and around the world like the load in our head. The tank is fucking empty at the end of the day. And I'm going to write about it. And I'm going to tell you it's ok. And I got you! Mom of three here!

|I always wrote. I wrote stories as a kid. Apparently my mom has kept a few. I now feel very guilty for sneaking my kids "art projects" into the recycling bag after they have gone to bed because the clutter is too overwhelming for me and triggers my anxiety. I am also too lazy to get one of those alphabetized keep safe boxes. But what I do is take a bunch of pics of my kids and husband doing the things. So they look back and go "Oh ya I remember when I was in your belly when I was a baby and it was cozy."

We know that's not true but they will be able to tell their own story. And I hope they always feel free to do so. In whatever creative form they choose.

So how did I end up in this co-author project A Mombabes a Motherhood Anthology?

After seeing a post on @basilandbacon Becky's IG account about @themombabes Christina and Carolyn, I immediately sent them a message and the rest is history.

I hope you all love this book. I know so many of my friends and family that this book will pull at their heartstrings. I am forever changed by all these women co authors and so grateful to the mombabes, our editor Tara Mcguire who is probably cringing reading this unless it goes to her spam.

I encourage you to do something for you today. One thing....a hot cup of coffee, 5 more minutes before you have to pick up your kids, an extra hug. Take a minute for you. I see you. You are a mombabe.

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