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Tis The Days Until 2024

I missed a year somewhere as I reflect back on my tiny blog, I created in 2021. I can see the growth both physical and emotional in accomplishments and healing. A goal list I have surpassed, and some goals done twice over. Places and people that no longer serve my space or peace and now in my rear-view mirror like the exhaust of a vehicle, some translucent and some darker, denser and gray in color. I am grateful for the sunny days and all things positive, many lessons learned along the way. Older and wiser with clear boundaries and still a no bullshit attitude. I will continue to and encourage others to stand tall and to get out of their own way.

My recommendations for 2024

Mental health. I am a huge advocate of talking to someone about really anything. Excuses become crutches and I've learned if you don't take chances, you will never know. Sorting what is in your head out loud can help.

Moving your body -walking, gym, take a dance class (with your kid)

Playing - Got kids? Play, read a story, it's still "PLAY."

Creating - draw -even if it's a stick person, paint, act, dance,

Feed your brain - read a book, listen to a pod cast #

Get outside - camping, walking, sitting on a patio

Balance - I'm not sure if there is such a thing for Mom's I'm not going to lie.

DO THE THING THAT SCARES YOU - This is the most important thing I recommend. I would not be able to say I am an international award winning, actor, producer and published author. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

For 2024 I wish for you;

peace, love and health and the COURAGE TO SAY YES!

Catch me in the 2024 Editon of Pursuit 365 Coming soon #Pursuit365

Natasha (Lostandfoundmommy)

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