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I woke up today and did the usual, had my am coffee scrolled through emails, deleted, went on the social and I saw a super real post today from a Mom that PUTS IT ALL out there. I have watched her on social media though her journey to become pain free. I have almost felt her sweat and tears as I watched her prep and work through the mental and physical challenge to get as fit as possible so she could have the surgery to correct her diastasis recti. For those that do not know diastasis recti is the partial or complete separation of the rectus abdomninis, or the “six pack” muscles which meet the midline of your stomach. I personally have not seen mine since I have in my teens, possibly in the police academy however once you have a kid, these can all go to shit. The uterus stretches the muscles in the abdomen to accommodate the growing baby(ies). So ya, super cool and it squishes your organs. This mama in particular had twins and I was super fascinated of her posts, so truthful and vulnerable, she even talks about poop.

Today she shared day 6 post op (with the scars and it was not gross at ALL!!) video and I have to say if you are on the fence about believing you must live in pain for the rest of your years because you are experiencing pain related to diastasis recti or suspect you have it, I highly recommend checking out her journey. Because you do not. It has been super inspiring.

I have had 3 c sections after an on-duty car accident, so I personally know about pain. No matter how much working out, crossfit, yoga, step classes, ab workouts, weight loss etc. I still live-in chronic pain too. I know treating the symptoms is a short-term solution and that I have been putting off seeking treatment for diastasis recti myself.

On some body types it can appear like the women appears pregnant, bread loaf or a cone shape stomach. You may even have child that expects a sibling any day now although your assured them THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY!!! Then when standing up, you will have excess skin or what some call a “bubble vagina” where there is overhang under your underwear line and above. The exercises given can help but for most of them do not work and you may develop other women problems like incontinence. Oh, the things we do for our kids!!

Pain can affect so much of your life and after speaking to said mom, we both agreed that it is not the way to live. That childbirth takes its toll on us and that we are just expected to carry on and be everything to everyone, supermom, super chef, super employee, super athelete. However, this mama has gone through the surgery and she did it and I am excited to continue to follow her journey.

So, empower yourself. Do it for you. You have one body. You do not have to live in Pain. Let us talk about it!

check out @twinmom.on.a.mission

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