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Updated: May 2, 2023

I am happy to announce we have come together and written another phenomenal book.

Forward written by #AmberCowie (Crime story novelist and more) goes to write "Resilient" by Natasha Bruce is a powerful exploration of systemic harm, physical and mental depletion, and harnessed creative strength which employs both vivid flashbacks and insightful analysis to examine a womans way out of a difficult situation."

Police mom's no way out, or is there?

Lucky 13 (13 authors aka luck of the Irish) will leave you feeling inspired, stories of IVF, Childhood Cancer, Double Mastectomy, First Responder PTSD, Loss, Love Friendship, Grief and Joy. It's another book to add to your collection that will make you feel.

Words like unstoppable (My theme song by #Sia), vulnerable, perseverance, depth, capacity and my favorite word "transition" were all words given to me after my read out loud from my fellow authors. Another incredible, emotional yet cathartic experience bonding with the writing mombabe community led by Christina and Carolyn and hard questions asked by editor, writer and so much more, #taraMcguire, just one of many similar stories women and minorities face in policing today.

learn all about this in my story) writing is a form of therapy for me. While trying to keep up with #momofthreekids #themombabes gave me the space to tell my story. Years of therapy and a roller coaster of failure and success has led me to a higher place of self-development and awareness. Awakening in a sense and more importantly boundaries. I have let go of things that no longer serve me or my family and choose peace and joy.

As much as the empathic part of me wants to help people in distress sometimes one cannot take anymore. I am still navigating my journey of life on my terms and enjoying EVERY moment, nights turn into days.

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