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Not right now laundry

Been up since 430 am like a lot of mamas. My daughter never wets the bed but she did because she drank a lot of water right before bed and that's ok. I peeled off her wet clothes and got her changed into some dry jammies and put her back in our bed because it was obviously way to early to start the day. I went back into her room and saw that her pretty pink bedding was soaked through. Right through the mattress protector. I went to pull the twin mattress protector (the kind that zips all the way around the mattress) off but then realized I'd have to pull that sucker off the bed and unwrap it like the gift I didn't get on Christmas morning. So I said fuck it. Then I attempted to snuggle beside my daughter and snoring husband but the hamster wheel of life started rolling in my head and well here I am writing a blog post about the laundry. Upside? I am enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee and I can hear the patter of rain outside. Lovely!

But really why would it have mattered if I threw the laundry in at that second? I most likely would have forgotten about it until the late afternoon anyway and had to rewash it. I'd be wasting more soap, using more water, more energy to wash the same load twice!

I think if we can all just start lowering our expectations and cutting ourselves some slack we'd feel a lot more chill.

I always wondered why my mom would get up early in the morning before all of us. Now I understand. It wasn't soiled laundry. It was the quiet. The light hum of the fridge, and that hot cup of coffee. Cheers mamas and to your early morning cup of Joe, everything else can wait, including the laundry.

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