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Take the Break

Monday is here but its different because it's Spring Break. No drop off to school, no left backpacks and fights over who will empty the dishwasher, top or bottom. No peace and quiet for the first three hours of my day. I desperately crave this time. I need this time after a weekend.

I feel like I should be energized and ready to take on the day with fun and intriguing activities for all three of my kids, especially at the start of Spring break. Instagram and Facebook remind me so. Well that did not happen and its 4 pm and I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee and contemplating a nap if this cup doesn't work because I honestly don't know what I've done today.

However I have come to the conclusion the inventor of Spring break has not thought thoroughly about who would have the actual break, or take the break or reach their breaking point. Only a million more days to go. Oh and it's during a pandemic, so that's super cool. We have a great plan apparently. First come, first serve camping. Yup. Just show up and hope for a spot. If living in a pandemic has taught me anything its definitely life waits for no one. So we are just gonna go for it. Why not right?

While I should be packing the trailer, food, clothing, bedding, random toys because nothing says love thy Spring break more than being squished in a trailer with no power (AKA Wifi) with three kids and two geriatric dogs for two cold days, I decided to park my ass down and pray I will not accidentally delete this post.

So you momma, take the break. Take it where you can. Hide in the pantry, hide in your van, hide in your office. Order take out. Ask for help. Delegate. You mama call the shots. It might mean writing down a poem in the notes section of your phone. It might look like sitting in the park, kids playing and you are on your phone messaging a friend. Whatever it is, take it. No judgement. We give and give and give. Its time to start taking because you need to. Because I know during Spring break you are planning, hustling kids to and fro, re-scheduling, driving and forking out money and trying to make it great for everyone else. But don't forget about you. You deserve a break. Take the break. I'm going grocery shopping now!

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