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Take the Vacation!!!!

We waited four long years to go back to Disneyland. We had copious airmiles and wrinkled Disney shirts that barely fit any of us length or girth. We knew we'd have to budget for a dog kennel for all 3 dogs. The Canadian dollar was not going to go far but we knew we had to book this trip. My return to policing was being pushed backed yet again. I knew I had to escape and just be at the Happiest Place On Earth with the people I loved the most.

We or should I say my husband researched the Happiest Place on Earth and WOW it sure took a pre-covid hit. Our usual favorite eating spots that you could book months out were no longer available and mobile order only. The special place where little girls dream of getting their hair done to look like their favorite princess was not offering their service either. Much to my surprise we had all changed too. The day I took my daughter (5) to this special rite of passage, advised me she did not want any of the overpriced dresses, she wanted Rapunzel's bow and arrow set. She went on to share she could be like Rapunzel who fights in the Forrest and hits Ugene over the head with a frying pan and gives smoldering looks. Later that trip she also suggested we call an Uber on the way back from park after clocking 25,000 steps. I had no idea my 5 year old knew what an Uber was.

At that moment I knew I was checking out again with the self made workload of Volunteer work, auditioning, kids, life, dogs. It seemed the Pandemic among other things had paused me and then I got back on the hamster wheel again. I was so glad to have this time with the family even if it meant hotel living eating expensive PB and J sandwiches for 8 days.

It was a challenge to "be on vacation." I'm not going to sugar coat it. I do not like to sit still but I do enjoy my space. I only had one audition to do in the hotel and after that I was relaxed. My new normal caught up to me (be in the moment) and once I relaxed and really listened to the kids and my husband we all re-connected and made some new memories. I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I would and that was a good sign. My favourite moments were watching the kids faces when they saw a character or when we walked into the Star Wars Area. It was like Christmas morning on repeat. Those are the moments we live for! That is living.

You don't need to book an expensive vacation however the new post Pandemic vacation definitely looks different than before. With a lot of patience, for you as well your family or travel companions. BOOK THE VACATION! You will be glad you did it!


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