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"you do you"!

I've said those three words to people, mainly my mom friends ..eek....and meant it to be helpful. For example a friend complaining that her sister was critiquing her for to the park during covid. This friend works from home. She has two kids however they are both under 5. There are no schools open that she feels are safe enough during Covid and due to the one having a weekend immune system, the park is their "go to". The Mom gets to drink hot coffee while she straps the baby into the swing and the other little can dig in the sand at the sand box for at the very least 20 mins straight. So naturally, I throw these 3 words at her like an elbow hit, formally known as fist bump or even the pre-covid high 5. But just so you all know, apparently you can use it the other way! Obviously in this context it came out okish and she felt empowered, heard and grateful for being able to vent.

So, just so you know, next time someone tails gates you in a parking lot aka school drop off and you meet again at the door of the supermarket or better yet your childs preschool. Or maybe its in the Costco where someone leaves their cart right in the middle of the aisle, know that you can smile and politely say "You do you"! It even sounds super refreshing and classy.

But in all seriousness its no ones business what you do, let go of the rest. I see you Mom at the park, at the store, in your van, rushing around on your lunchbreak . That's all we want really is other moms to just listen to us, nod, tell funny stories about their real experiences. I am you! And I am doing me so you do you!

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